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Rethinkthings were taking part in the 2013 “urban winter village with their retail gift ranges, usually trade only, this was their first real experience of a city centre, end user trading opportunity. Rethinkthings wanted to test out as many ranges as possible from their existing collections within this context whilst still making the space look appealing, unified and inviting.

Ilsa worked directly on computer to initially create a 3d representation of all the products that the brand wished to display and multiplied these by the quantities they had available to take to the space so that she could determine the amount of physical space that would need to be consumed by storage facilities vs display opportunity. Once this was established, Ilsa worked with a split level and surface approach to point of sale so that stock could be hidden behind faced up product, and so that consumers who wished to remain outside of the container could still peruse items near the front without feeling under pressure to buy. 

Customers were drawn in by the wall space used at the back and collections or ranges were collated within close proximity of each other to highlight variety. Once inside, the space felt like a real shop and there was something different to discover on each level.

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