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Ilsa collaborated with fellow designer Helen Bickford to create four simple yet eyecatching “artworks” which served as a visual narrative for messages about healthy eating. The Can Cook cookery school pop up shop offered free cookery lessons to the public over a number of months in a high st retail outlet. 

Our installation drew interest from passing traffic to consider the purpose behind the images and thereby encourage the public to enquire and participate. We used the visual impression of 3D glasses to make a connection with focus using red and blue translucent plastic cutlery. In the first image these appeared cluttered, jumbled and skewed forming a frame around a vector image of a recognisable food dish, the first being plain simple and convenient toast. 

As the viewer moves down the imagery, interpreting the story, the cutlery becomes less jumbled and straightened out to form a table place layout and the food images become more healthy, each image was accompanied by a word, the overall message was “focus on daily dinner”. This was a simple and intriguing way to communicate the idea that knowing how to cook healthily has concentration benefits, it also emphasised the purpose of the pop up store.

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