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Lance walker created these “Messages of Indignation “ as graphic artworks which form part of a larger collection of images. He describes his work as “memes” capturing his ongoing disillusionment with the trajectory of public policy decisions in the United States and the United Kingdom. These thought provoking and eyecatching visual statements are reminiscent of the “keep calm” series inspired by the “Newspeak” of George Orwell's novel, 1984. 

Recognising the success of these as printed merchandise, which makes an instant personal connection to many through their various iterations, Ilsa considered the wide range of possibilities for application of these statements. Through discussion, she decided that they would be best placed on an object which could be carried and seen each day by many given their provocative intent. As the statement challenged the concepts of personal safety, fiscal comfort and surveillance – tote bags seemed the optimum solution as your bag needs to remain forever in sight, containing that which you value and is protected by your own paranoia. This application thereby emphasises the sentiment behind the messages. The collective name of “mental baggage” obviously relates to the function of application but also makes reference to the lasting effects of that which is imposed by governance and control.


It's great to see Ilsa take the artwork from concept to finished product and get them out there for people to see and buy. She saw the value in the images and messages and knew how to make it happen!

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