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These hashtag greetings cards were designed as a simple yet effective way to stand out to a younger crowd. More than ever, younger people are opting to post online wishes rather than deal with the materiality of snail mail and card purchasing, mainly it appears due to the fact that the younger people we asked, believed that todays card shop offerings did not accurately reflect their visual style or method of communicating. We wanted to consider the extent to which cards and their messages were valued by both the giver and receiver and where the connection lay in receipt. We discovered that cards are often chosen because the buyer feels that the visuals and words included relate on a personal level with a shared experience.  

With more people than ever using new forms of acronyms in language digitally on social media sites such as twitter, we felt that producing a range which depicted the context of commonly used hashtags related to generic occasions where cards might be sent by an older generation, or digital messages might be sent by the younger crowd, would go some way to a revival in card sending. Younger people might use this traditional format to communicate sentiments such as “thanks”, “sorry”, “big news”, “just because” and “love” through three letter hashtags as an introduction to parents who may not use social media, and older people purchasing for younger friends and relatives, may do so to connect with them in a more relevant and meaningful way, using a traditional format they can relate to.

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