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Julia Jacob designed the Bauhaus Birdfeeder in 2010 and Ilsa Parry Design Studio transformed it into a product. Julia was a student of Ilsa's for a short period as she lectured at the Manchester School of Art. Ilsa remained in contact with Julia and invited her to exhibit her birdfeeder design in Paris. Ilsa secured Julia an order of 600 units at a favourable price with a French client at the show and then offered to license the design for production through her Rethinkthings product brand.

So that Julia was able to license to Rethinkthings, Ilsa's studio wrote the technical specs for manufacture, communicating with suppliers on colour charts and dimensions. They also designed the packaging, graphics and branding solutions to communicate the products key features whilst remaining on brand for the producer.

These insight were applied to an initial production run of 2000 units from China. Julia’s Bauhaus Birdfeeder has since been shortlisted for several awards and sold to 4 countries. It continues to generate press interest, and keeps strong sales figures years later.



Ilsa has been a fabulous mentor to me. She speaks in a straightforward manner about business and as a newcomer to the trade I value that greatly. I have learnt a lot form her and hope to continue to do business with Ilsa, for some time

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