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Ilsa worked with Lance Walker, graphic artist to produce these 2D “offsterity” coin images as part of his “messages of indignation” artwork series. The installation aimed to capture his ongoing disillusionment with the trajectory of public policy decisions in the United States and the United Kingdom. Although the coin images originally supplied, acted as a visual metaphor to engage the public in their discussion of the issues he was highlighting, they both felt that the concept would be better served in a three dimensional format as a physical entity which could be handled and explored in a tactile way. Ilsa took Lances vector artwork previously created and extruded it to various heights using 3D software. She ensured that the model had enough control exerted over the form so that details could be felt and recognised when printed. She ensured that the models were “watertight” and printed initial prototypes using a z-corp powder based 3D printer. This was later revisited in aiming for a more durable lasting material for display and the final designs were created using sls (selective laser sintering) technology, printed in alumide.


Working with Ilsa opened my eyes to new technologies and techniques. The three dimensional approach was something I may not have considered without her insight. My project would never have had the same impact and value had she not been involved.

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