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Kaleidoscopic is an experiential brand installation which serves to decipher my practice. This printed "deviant" display is essentially a map of my multidimensional activity and was installed for the first time at the Manchester School of Art at the 2014 MA show in conjunction with my identity relaunch and publication of "Metamorphosis", my first book. Consisting of 91 paper deviants, my practice beliefs and values are imprinted upon them and positioned to emphasise the areas which form the multiplicity of my approach. 

The central elements of activity are at the core of the framework and surrounded by four expansive areas. Practice and profile (top centre and top left) break down who I am and what I do, the design principles underpinning each area, are denoted in print on the surface of the deviant. Interior colections and client projects (top right and bottom centre) make up the practice output and brand content and consist of smaller, kaleidoscopic images relating to the particular project or product As an installation, Kaleidoscope abstracts my new system of deviant design activity, highlights the underpinning values, and brings it’s diversity to life through rich and kaleidoscopic (or grouped) images of intrigue and power.

Every context brings about change...