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Jo Cope (conceptual fashion designer) approached Ilsas studio for assistance in the realisation of a sculptural project as part of an exhibition artwork installation entitled “Global Footprint”  in Northampton Shoe and boot Museum. Jo had a very clear idea about what she wanted to produce and how the final model (made of painted leather) would look when installed. Jo came to the studio over a two day period and worked with Ilsa to translate her paper model into a 3D computer file that could be understood by the CNC tangential knife that would cut the model in layers. Ilsa sculpted the model using Rhinocerous and split it up into a readable format. She also created visualisation of the final display that Jo could use in advance of finalisation for press releases etc.


Ilsa’s understanding of concept based design and 3D modelling skills were invaluable in translating perfectly my prototype models into complex CAD drawings. Ilsa was able to offer me expert 3D CAD skills; she understood my personal project needs and worked with me to achieve the desired results to a very tight deadline.


Art without science is nothing...