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Ilsa was asked to assist 4D products with their latest concept the "snapswall photoframe". The brief was to simplify and add character to an existing design to encourage the younger generation to continue to print their photographs. Locatable clip together frames which were easy to understand were developed to appeal to children and be visually subtle so as not to detract from the image itself. The result allowed for swift interchangeability and easy updating of the imagery. The frames were multifunctional in the sense that they can be used for collage imagery in conjunction with some photo editing knowledge to create interesting mosaics. Thus removing the need for expensive large scale prints and allowing for full flexibility. The final product was injection moulded in polycarbonate with plain screenprinted packaging. A simple yet appealing product set, produced in quantity for trade sale to photographic stores online and on the high street. 



Ilsa is a free thinking creative designer, very personable and full of ideas. As a product design consultancy ourselves, 4D Products recognise and value the work Ilsa delivered in a professional, cost effective and timely manner. We hope to work with Ilsa again on future projects.

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