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Whilst undertaking a paid internship at the Phillipe Starck Paris agency in 2009, Ilsa was asked by Eugene Quitllet – chief product designer to revisit a project which had previously been unresolved. Starcks vision for the project was to create a sustainable chair from ecological materials that were easily renewable but could work on a commercial level. It was important to Starck that the primary function of any material selected was not food based, it was equally important to select something that could be quickly processed for broad consumption.

Designs were initially developed in bamboo ply and Ilsas design for the “Mantis chair” resulted. She went on to discover ecological plant based resins, new technological material innovations, which she suggested to starck might be a more efficient way to take forward production. This was later developed by the agency into "Zartan" using the bamboo, linen and hemp eco resins Ilsa sourced as a commercial solution for moulding a practical and elegant chair in an ecological way.

Remain natural wherever possible...