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The studio was asked by Tim Slack of Appreciating People to undertake full project management of design for a new folding display board for exhibitions, conferences and visual minuting. In collaboration with Vera Kunhartova and John Jennings, Ilsa developed Amigo from concept through to packaging, with supporting instruction graphics. A portable, collapsible board for writing on, holding notices and flip charts using corriflute (corrugated plastic board) in thick sections. The collapsible design folds quickly to fit in the boot of a car and can be carried comfortably. 

The material focus allows for wipeable markers to be used for minuting, and meant that it became affordable enough to compete with alternative items on the market. As a product, its light enough to carry yet sturdy and flexible enough to withstand repeated folding and use. Amigo can be connected in succession to subsequent boards for an in line display or to create an extended wall for exhibition or to divide a room when both sides are in use. 

The board can employ drawing pins, post it notes, blue tack and can accommodate 2 x A1 sheets or equivalent. Amigo is a single piece construction with clever locking mechansisms and flip out feet, comprising minimal packaging to reduce cost and make it easier to use.  Packaging materias are waterproof resisting bad weather and can expand to accommodate multiple boards in folded form, taking account of the individual needs of the consumer.



During the time we worked on this project with Ilsa and her team we saw real progress and creative thinking when adaptations to the design were called for. In testing the design when prototyped, we found that the end users had general support for the materials, simplicity, lightness and robustness of the product. They found it easy use and practical for workshops, overall they were well received and did not dominate the space. Commercially we believe the material selected has the right balance between durability, weight and aesthetics. The board was straightforward to set up without instructions and the de-rig was fine and we encountered no issues. The board has travelled well over 700 miles in the last couple of weeks. It has been handled as a standard shipped parcel and passed through several pairs of hands and several different vehicles without any damage to the actual board. We are very pleased with the result.

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