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Rethinkthings were selling this licensed wall hanger / coathook well as part of their charismatic homeware and giftware ranges especially in the peak districts but felt that there was an opportunity to communicate the personal consumer connection to a “climbing man” to assist customers to more easily relate the item to friends and family as a gift item. Additionally, the brand wanted to incorporate other product offerings into the packaging graphics, as the simplistic card construction did not allow for flyers or inserts to be included when shipped. 

Ilsa worked with graphic designer Lauren Pennington to create a mountainous scene as a backdrop which incorporated images of the other product colourways available as if they were climbing mountains and “hanging from things” (as it may appear when fixed to a wall in a home), also within the narrative, related products from the Rethinkthings range with a connection to the outdoors were brought into the scene to encourage customers to explore other product ranges.

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