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To compliment the “Spirollight” craft exhibition and book produced by REdesigndesign. The studio created these commercial graphic instruction packs, designed to breakdown  the process of how to make a “spirollight” yourself in manageable sessions. The idea is that the templates, cutting guide and session instructions provided allow you to create the object as a family within a week with average daily session time lasting around 3 hours (based on a family of four).  

The printed packs consist of overlay sizing and marking templates for construction of each layer, a process poster (which can be framed) showing how you did it and a series of A5 cards with colour coded, written session instructions and diagrams.

Downloadable packs were also made available exactly the same as the printed packs in an A4 printable format which can be pieced together by the user, extending the spirit of craft for half the price of the printed packs. Finally, separate to the printed packs we created these laser cut plastic marking guides. A set of 5 acrylic rings which are colour coded to match the instructions to assist in quickly marking each ring to construct the layers (a faster alternative to the provided templates in the construction packs).

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