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Whilst studying at the Manchester School of Art, Ilsa collaborated with a group of Design and Art Direction postgraduate students to co produce a range of free publications entitled “buro”. Büro is a free graphic artwork publication & design collective consisting of students from the MA D&AD course at the Manchester School of Art. 

This was the first publication in the set and consisted of 22 carefully designed / illustrated graphic posters, risograph printed and distributed around the North West. Ilsa submitted this "pair" of posters, exploring misplaced through the misinterpretation of word and image (misnomers and heterographics). The Pear poster sparks discussion on how we can easily misplace our understanding of what we see by our emphasis on spoken language. The line poster encourages individuals to express their understanding of what they see depending on which direction they choose to hang it. With this, others can decide the extent to which their interpretations are misplaced. The latter concept is soon to be developed into a series.

Distributed in Liverpool at F.A.C.T. (foundation for art and creative technology), Bold St Café, Egg café, The Italian Club, Rennies Arts and Crafts, Ran retro shoe store, Lost Art, 3B records, Leaf café, Bluecoat Chambers (art gallery), Camp and Furnace, Baltic Creative, Liverpool Biennial HQ, also in Manchester at Fred Aldous, Takk, Common, Marc the Printers, Magma, The Bay Horse, Trof, Affleck's Palace, The Castle Pub, Sandbar, Odder, Wowie Zowie, finally in Leeds at Village.

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