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For her own wedding, Ilsa created a wide range of decorative elements by hand which brought together places, people and things held as meaningful by her and her partner. A 25 page wordpress based website was created and identified by an ambigram logotype of her and her partners name, this could be read two ways by turning upside down. 

Table centrepieces were created from iconic buildings in lasercut ultraboard and pinned together with origami twitter bird garlands. Larger origami twitter birds were printed upon and placed at each table setting to encourage individuals to write messages and well wishes if they were unable to send tweets to the couples projected feed. These later formed the guestbook and were read out by bridesmaids as an alternative speech. 

The flowers were constructed by hand from laser cut craft paper which incorporated cut outs of all of the other visual elements included in the day. The range of wedding accessories held a strong visual identity, unifying several personal and disparate themes inspired by Paris, New York, Venice, Liverpool, social media, contemporary baroque, curiosity, obscurity and unison.