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As part of a two year period of research to discover how to better communicate the diverse nature of our practice, we developed a new identity set for the studio based upon the idea of transformational creativity and divergent exploration.

Past client projects were analysed and evaluated, imagery and copy was developed for the best examples and the remaining content was split into 8 disciplines to emphasise the "multidimensional" or cross disciplinary nature of the work we produced. Alsongside client projects, the most popular worksets were complimented by three brand new collections, to launch a made to order range of interior lighting and print, as a new angle to output, better suited to the new markets we wished to penetrate. 

Brand collateral was produced to compliment the identity and retain visual consistency across multiple communication avenues. This encompassed business cards, a 115 page website for clients, a practice installation to engage the public in the nature of the transformational work produced and a bridging publication, consisting of 102 full colour pages was created to demystified the worksets and raise profile.

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