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5ml began life as 5 designers from Manchester and Liverpool. The name 5ml came up for short. The brand, at the time had no real identity and was merely a group of 5 collaborating at trade shows for product sale. We helped 5ml to realise their target customers and create relevant messages for each, developing an identity as word and image play on the concept of invention and human chemistry, both of which occurred naturally as part of their set up and was at the very core of all they did. 

We developed several taglines for them to work across many contexts of business as they aimed for growth as a commercial link for designers to reach market. For prospective practitioners 5ml became the “solution” for prospective buyers, they became the “spark that caused the reaction” the “catalyst” to get early stage concepts developed and ready for trade. Brand directors became “design doctors or consultants” offering “a 5ml dose of good design” for both parties. 

The resulting logo was strong and screamed inventive ideas with individual products existing as "elements" floating in the mix throughout. 

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