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Ilsa has appeared on national and European TV as both a contributer and co-presenter.


Design for life - BBC2


Winner of Design for life with Philippe Starck on BBC2. This series, filmed in 2008 and aired in 2009 saw Ilsa undergo a unique experience and approach to design thinking as she developed her "Flo" standing and walking aid. She now has 2 patents granted on the product in the US and UK. She also had the opportunity to work at the Starck "UBIK" studio in central Paris for 6 months following the show. Episode six tracks the final stages of her journey as she battles to convince starck that her idea has value. 


Watch all six episodes >>follow our Youtube channel to see more.


Brazil Road Trip - Discovery channel

In 2010 Ilsa co-presented "Brazil Road Trip" as an expert in her field to highlight the Brazilian approach to design in various contexts throughout Sao Paulo and Fortaleza. The trip which was filmed over ten days formed one of a four part documentary for the Discovery Channel in advance of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics to show the world the capabilities of Brazilian Technology.


Watch the full episode >>follow our Youtube channel to see more.


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