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As an award winning multidisciplinary studio with a broad experience of commercial, conceptual and community projects, we can work alongside companies to add value to a creative idea. 


We consult with you or your team to focus on producing elements of a project. We work with a multidimensional approach to design where we begin with understanding the brand mission and big picture, before drilling down into the detail of the design problem. 

Experienced in installation, industrial, branding, bespoke, product, graphic, digital and retail design, we bring a fresh insight to assist with project clarity and technical fulfilment. Our advice can reduce production costs, renew methods and increase product appeal.

We ensure that the creative vision is directed with conceptual consistency from start to finish. Maximise your projects impact and your customers experience with an elegant and engaging solution. Let us help you take the daring step towards deviation to innovate.

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"Ilsa has ambition and we cannot refuse that"

>>Philippe Starck- Product / Interior Designer

"Ilsa’s approach sounds fascinating"

>>Alain De Boton – Contemporary Philosopher
"Ilsa has a considered way and a natural soft sensitivity"

>>Ross Lovegrove – Industrial Designer

A vision remains a vision without strategy...