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Visual compendiums of conscience, animation ceased, providing form and condition for dreams. This printed cushion range is the first of what will become a larger collection of complex  fabric prints for interior application. Edgy in concept and elegant in execution , these silk prints represent a visual shift towards contemporary baroque and maximalism with a conceptual twist, evermore evident in Ilsas work. 

The three ornate prints in this range depict a range of animals known for their cheeky, curious and brave nature, attributes that reflect the behaviours of many creative individuals as they go about their daily lives. In the images, the animals are restricted and temporarily forced to be still whilst things around them continue to shift and change. The curious magpie, the cheeky monkey and the brave lion are stopped in their tracks and succumb slowly to the weight of sleep whilst the jungle remains alive.....The narrative embedded within these prints emphasises the importance of stillness in the cycle of continued movement, apt for the products function.

Even the wild must sometimes be tame...